Jane Hayward - Chartered Educational Psychologist

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Private Appointments

I offer a 1 hour consultation to ascertain parental concerns about their child’s learning strengths and difficulties.

We would jointly complete a request for involvement form as it is necessary to obtain written consent from the parent or guardian before I embark upon any assessment of your child.

This session will depend on the problem dimensions identified. Assessments will take the length of the school day. 

Plenty of short breaks are taken between assessment tasks so as to ensure that pupils can perform at their best.

Depending on the nature of assessment some feedback can be given on the day of assessment but, more often than not, time is required to reflect on the assessment findings before being able to reach professional conclusions.

All clients will be sent a psychological report detailing the assessment findings and what they mean in terms of their child’s learning strengths and difficulties.

On receipt of a report parents are free to telephone to discuss any questions they may have around the psychologist’s conclusions.